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Effective and Affordable
Advertising for Your Business

Imagine having you offer HAND-DELIVERED to homes and businesses in YOUR target
market for merely PENNIES per home!

Direct Mail Marketing Simply Works

You can get more leads and sales with direct mail postcard marketing. Even in this internet age of search engines and social media, postcards and direct mail may seem outdated, but in fact direct mail is more effective than ever.

Why? Because a targeted postcard cuts through the marketing noise and goes straight to the mailbox of your ideal prospect – quickly and inexpensively. If you want to reach SPECIFIC NEIGHBOURHOODS (say, those households within a mile or two of your business), in a way that’s GUARANTEED to be seen, and prefer NOT to have your message diluted by a bunch of competitor’s offers – contact us and we can make that happen for you.

You probably have a better quality service or product than your competitors, right?  Give our local customers a reason to spend their money with you.  Van-Isles Values Co-op advertising is a fast, effective way to get your offer 100% exposure because its not hidden between pages of competitors or buried in an envelope.

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Why the Colossal Card Works…

According to research, more than 50% or regular mailings are thrown away without a glance. Our Mailbox Billboard boasts a near 95% exposure rate because of its unique size and quality.

Exposure rate – a direct marketing term used to determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign by measuring the rate of recipients that view the ad.

Partner with us to get low cost shared sends to the largest metropolitan areas across the United States. We’ll help you target the best neighborhoods and zip codes for your business.

Partner with us to get low cost shared sends to the largest metropolitan areas across the United States. We’ll help you target the best neighborhoods and zip codes for your business.

A marketing campaign of this size and quality would set you back a couple thousand dollars. It would normally be a very risky investment.

However, because members (non-competing business owners in a certain localized area) split the costs, it is now easily affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Unlike Our Competitors, the Colossal Card offers…

With our Namesake Shared Mailings, we offer the following benefits you won’t get with other traditional advertising mediums

✔ Limited Visual Competition

We do not stuff as many advertisements as we can into an envelope.

Membership is on a first-come first-serve basis, and the absolute maximum number of members per group is 18.

✔ Industry Exclusivity

No matter which program you choose; only non-competing businesses are allowed on the same mailing

This means that within your group, you will not have to compete with any other business for the spotlight.

For example; if you’re a dentist, you will be the only dentist featured.

✔ Vibrant and Memorable

Our mailings are printed with vibrant colors on a SUPER Thick, 16pt gloss-coated oversized postcard, that catches the attention of all its recipients.

It’s virtually impossible to ignore!

✔ Limited Visual Competition

You will not be stuffed inside an envelope, newspaper or magazine with countless others, not to mention probably one or more of your competitors.

With an irresistible offer, You'll drive customers to your business.

We not only offer custom design, but we offer more than 30 years in the design and marketing industry, so when we say “we know how to convert viewers into customers”; believe it.

A SUCCESSful campaign

Quick and Massive Results!

This advertiser supplied no artwork or direction, only the details for their offer, but allowed us to do what we do best – create converting advertisements.

It may not look like much, however it paid off!

Within the first two weeks of the mailing, they were able to book more than $16k in new business that can be tracked directly back you this promotion.

Let's write your next success story!