About Us

After seven years creating graphics and printing cards for entrepreneurs around the globe, as well as doing mailers right here in good ‘ole SE Wisconsin, We decided to make this a full-time business.

We have not only watched but participated in generating traffic and conversions to business owners all around the country and world. The most notable was the time we created an advertisement for a painter. He supplied us with the details of his offer and graphics for his business. He left the marketing message to us.

The result was an ad that PULLED. He was able to generate more that $16k in new business in little more that two weeks from the delivery of the Shared Mailer.

We have many other tails of success for our clients, but none so dramatic as that one.

Our goal is to increase the bottom line of each and every client.

That’s why our motto is…


Our Team

Amanda L


Ben Z


Karl G


If you want to spend your money on wise marketing, then listening to the Colossal Card team is your best bet to get customers and money through your doors!